Khas Produces 3 million square feet of leather per month of which 750,000 square feet is produced exclusively for gloves; All cutting is done by clicking presses with cutting dies while 250 stitching machines can produced a capacity of 15,000 gloves per day.
Types of Leather:   Glove patterns:  
Leather used in glove manufacturing can be divided in two categories - Grain and Split.   Two Types of basic glove patterns are used in glove construction. One is Gunn cut and the other is Clute cut.  
Grain: Grain leather consists of cow, goat, sheep and buffalo.      
  Glove Size & Fit:  
Split: Split is further categorized into side, shoulder and belly, with side split being the strongest and belly being the weakest leather.   In our manufacturing process we take special care that the gloves are not only durable but also fit your hand properly. As such we follow EN 420 Specifications for glove size and fit.  
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