The Khas Group is a name which carries with it a long heritage in the leather business in Pakistan. The Khas Group commenced business in 1964 with the establishment of its first tannery in sialkot and its entire product was sold to international buyers. Encouraged by the demand and appreciation of Khas leather quality, the group in 1971 set up its own gloving unit now called Khas Gloves, Since the Khas quality of leather was already acceptable to buyers, Khas Gloves had only to prove itself in the arena of fine stitching, design and delivery.  
  Khas Gloves has grown from strength to strength. International demand warranted expansion and hence, in 1981, another gloving unit was set up in Karachi.  
  Growth in itself is not the sole end to Khas` investments. As standards, practices and requirements evolve and improve, so must Khas.  
  In 1993 Khas Gloves established a laboratory to test gloves as per new European regulations. The Khas laboratory is perhaps the most advanced facility available in the China, India and Pakistan region.  
  Over the past 30 years the group has refined process and in 1998 Khas Gloves earned its ISO 9002 Certification for Industrial Glove Manufacturing.  
  The Khas product portfolio carries over 150 designs of which over 30 designs are in production at any given time, however, Khas gladly undertakes orders for client's own design and specification.  
  All Khas Gloves are produced according to EN420 standards and a majority of our gloves also comply to EN388 which covers gloves against mechanical risks. At Khas we gladly undertake  orders complying to EN407 as well as EN511 specifications.  
  Over the years Khas has developed strong business relationships in Europe with renowed buyers such as JUBA in Spain, Neri William in Italy, Trebes & Henning in Germany, and in the U.S.A, with International Sourcing Company (Cordova).  
  The Khas Group use no child labour at any stage of products manufacturing. The Khas Group and Khas Gloves are member in good standing of the following organizations: British Leather Confederation, Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Pakistan Tanners Association, Pakistan Glove Manufacture's Association and the Korangi Association of Trade and Industry.  
  Khas is proud to be the recipient of eight Export Trophies for gloves.  
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